Beloved by many who declare it to be the most beautiful Mayan ruin, Palenque sits proudly in Palenque National Park in the state of Chiapas. The region around Palenque has the highest average rainfall in Mexico, watering a chokingly dense rainforest. The site covers 15 square miles. Set against a hill, the city was built in such a way that it could be seen for days as one ventured through the rain forest from the coast.
There are many other Mayan ruins to see in the Southern Mexico region. Many of the Mayan sites are located near the Yucatan Peninsula, spilling over to the lowland rainforests of Mexico to the east and Belize in the west & some of Guatemala.

This Map is an approximate Southern Mexico representation.
Located in Middle America, bordering the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Sea. Between US border and Guatemala & Belize.

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